Series. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, Olin resigned from the Jedi Order due to the guilt he felt over the inadvertent death of fellow Padawan Darra Thel-Tanis on Korriban, where Omega was finally killed in battle with Kenobi. [19], Reaching the capital city of Sath, Olin met with Prime Minister Aaren Larker and the resident Imperial Advisor, none other than Bog Divinian,[19] who Olin had met at the Galactic Games. Considered very mature for his age by many Jedi, Olin was well-respected for his dedication to the Jedi Order. When Leia found his body, she noticed a smile upon his lips. [11], The factory was destroyed by the owners to cover up the illegal activities that took place inside, and Tachi and Olin barely arrived in time to rescue Kenobi and Skywalker, only to discover that their quarry had fled Falleen. She used to be the Padawan of Adi Gallia and was the Master of Ferus Olin. However, with Teda's droids out of commission, the revolters vandalized much of the city, proving that Olin's misgivings were warranted. Ferus faces Anakin Skywalker in a training duel. Working with Master Yoda's hazy memory, vague intelligence from Obi-Wan's network of fellow recovering alcoholics, including his AA sponsor, Jedi Master Dooku (69), they spend several years on a … 6 notes. Yunabana brought the group before Boss Rugor Nass. [17], Leaving the melting pit behind, Olin exited the palace to discover that the Empire had been routed. However, attacks from Imperial forces nearly destroyed it, and the group was forced to commandeer an airspeeder. Ferus Olin. Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Before they could set a course, however, Olin received a message from Emperor Palpatine himself. When the Emperor arrived on Alderaan, Olin realized Vader's true identity as Anakin Skywalker. He often clashed with fellow Padawan learner Anakin Skywalker, who disagreed with his strict adherence to Jedi rules and protocol. In order to look into both Gillam's disappearance and the secret squad, Olin was sent with Skywalker to infiltrate the school disguised as students; with this cover, the two would be able to identify and investigate the mercenaries in hopes of finding a clue to the motive behind Gillam Tarturi's disappearance. That night, the four entered successfully, and split up within the facility. Siri Tachi was a female Human Jedi Master, apprentice of Adi Gallia and Master to Ferus Olin. The duo managed to elude Malorum, while Vader simply let them escape, likely because it would humiliate his rival Malorum. [14] Despite the revelation of Skywalker's indirect involvement in Thel-Tanis's death, Olin left the Jedi with a promise to help any Jedi in need, even his rival. [10] Spotting Malorum, the group pursued him in boats, but the Inquisitor destroyed them by using wrist rockets, and managed to escape. With his memory of Vader's execution of Roan Lands infuriating him, Olin utterly demolished a training room. However, Olin adamantly opposed the violation of the Jedi Code, and attempted to convince his rival not to participate in such a potentially inflammatory act. Correctly assuming that the saboteur would attempt to get off planet, and fear filing for a refund, he found the few who did not request their money back listed in handwritten records. Before they could be locked away, they freed the other prisoners of Teda, and demoralized the dictator's army, forcing them to surrender. [1][2][3][7][12] Before the two left the room, they narrowly escaped a run-in with stormtroopers, escaping only because of the failings of the white-armored troops' helmet sensors. The main character is Ferus Olin, along with all of the surviving characters from the series so far. Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Master of Deception is set shortly after Against the Empire, 18 years before the Battle of Yavin. Angry at Olin for all their past disagreements, Skywalker unleashed his anger and defeated him. In a private conversation with Olin, the Emperor gave him orders to offer amnesty similar to that which the Jedi had received to the fledgling Sathan resistance. The Jedi teams thwarted the invasion, but not without many arguments between Skywalker and Olin over how to do so. ―Ferus Olin to his master, Siri Tachi[src] When Gillam Tarturi, son of SenatorBerm Tarturiand a student at the luxurious Leadership Schoolon Andara, disappeared, his father suspected that political rivals … "Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Considered very mature for his age by many Jedi, Olin was well-respected for his dedication to the Jedi Order. [14], Inside the Temple, Olin came across the area where he had first met Anakin Skywalker, many years ago. Ferus Olin was the human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Ferus Olin is introduced as the perfect padawan who always follows the Jedi Code and a rival to Anakin. [10], However, Fett and D'harhan tracked the trio to the Red Twins spaceport,[10] and after a confrontation in the spaceport, which resulted in D'harhan's detainment by authorities, the three fled the Red Twins. The two criminals were on Korriban. Ferus Olin duels Inquisitor Malorum in Theed. She, Olin, and Flume planned to reenter the Temple and steal back the lightsabers rather than leave them in Sith hands; also, she and Olin could slice Malorum's data files to ensure that he did not, in fact, have a spy in her organization. Soon after, Olin discovered the sensor tag, and tossed it onto a passing vehicle, hoping to throw Divinian off his trail. [22], Ferus Olin with Palpatine and Darth Vader. During this time, Olin became an accomplished slicer, considered among the most skilled in the galaxy. Olin accepted the Sith's offer when Palpatine stated that he would give Olin command of the Inquisitorius, and give him authority over those hunting for Force-sensitives. He often clashed with fellow Padawan learner Anakin Skywalker, who disagreed with his … He dwelled on a satellite in the Zoma system, and he almost had the information, as did Hant. [18], In the end, Malorum was closely bested by the former Padawan. He believes that this will make him strong enough to kill Darth Vader. Olin returned the droid, and left Flume, but refused to take Flame to meet his resistance movement. "Ferus," She recalled. [14], That prison was the planet Dontamo, the location of Dontamo Prison. Shocked, Olin attacked Vader, only to realize that the Dark Lord meant for him to do so, provoking him by murdering Lands. Although it was always strictly emphasized in the Jedi Temple that one student is never better than another, Ferus seemed to have all gifts. This did not deter Kenobi, however, and when he learned that a gang of thieves known as the Slams had just been captured by the Republic, and their capture had not yet been publicized, he managed to convince the Jedi Council to allow the four Jedi to impersonate the Slams in effort to gain entrance to Romin, despite the disagreement of Olin, who argued that the Jedi were above using trickery to capture Zan Arbor. Upon exiting the Council Chamber after submitting his resignation, he met Skywalker outside. Skywalker agreed to meet with him later to consult Kenobi, but before the two Padawans had a chance to contact Skywalker's master, Olin disappeared. The Sith Lord escaped Korriban, and Kenobi struck down Omega, ending his vendetta against the Jedi once and for all, but leaving repercussions throughout the Jedi that would never fully fade. Olin agreed, trusting Kenobi's judgment. Although they had discovered that Fy-Tor-Ana was not in the Jedi Temple, Olin still believed she was on the planet. In a confrontation with Vader, he revealed to Vader that he knew his secrets -- both his past history as Anakin Skywalker and his having killed his wife Padmé Amidala. Later, Olin befriended the human Roan Lands on the planet Bellassa and they started a business together, producing fake identities for those fleeing the empire. He and Flax entered the unfinished tower nearby, and discovered the saboteur's real apartment. Ferus smiled. He, Lands, Flume, and Doctor Amie Antin, a member of the Eleven, would infiltrate the Imperial facility once the Jedi found a way in. [12] However, Jenna Zan Arbor escaped Korriban as well, and disappeared for a time, eventually joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a scientist. He learned from Garen that another Jedi had sought safety at the Crystal Cave... Fy-Tor-Ana. The four Jedi tracked Zan Arbor and Teda to the planet Falleen. Ferus Olin; Qui-Gon Jinn; Padmé Amidala; Master anakin; Padawan Obi-Wan; AU; Jealous!Anakin; Summary. [21], However, Vader had already reached the two resistance members. Although it was always strictly emphasized in the Jedi Temple that one student is never better than another, Ferus seemed to have all gifts. When Gillam Tarturi, son of Senator Berm Tarturi and a student at the luxurious Leadership School on Andara, disappeared, his father suspected that political rivals had kidnapped his son. As a Jedi apprentice, Ferus Olin had to leave the Jedi Temple in disgrace. A rift had begun to grow between he and Skywalker after the latter's showdown with Olin during the flight to Korriban, and he asked Olin, not Skywalker, to repair the lightsaber. M.O.D. Realizing they had little other choice, Olin agreed to allow him to lead them there. Also, when the group reached Malorum's office, it was emptied completely. However, Tarturi, actually hidden in the old and abandoned system rooms inside the school, stumbled upon him. Entering into the academy system at the age of four, Olin trained as part of a clan of twenty fellow Initiates known as the Momong Clan. Kenobi warned the Padawan that Malorum's investigations into Polis Massa needed to be stopped. Recognizing Olin, he prevented the thugs from attacking him and Flume, and invited them inside. She was one of Obi-Wan Kenobi's closest friends, and at one point they were romantically involved. She is a major character in Jude Watson's Jedi Apprentice book series and Jedi Quest book series. He informed Olin that his friends Roan Lands and Dona Telamark had been arrested, and would be executed, unless Olin aided him on Samaria. This created a hostile enviroment between the two Padawans, with Skywalker being the only Padawan to dislike him. Star Wars: Lost Horizons (2025) Sandy Dutchak as Jedi Master Ferus Olin Master of Deception is no exception. [24], Olin decided to find out what Vader was up to. The two then headed for the Fountain Towers. The Jedi then took an airspeeder to the Valley of the Dark Lords, where Kenobi had discovered that Omega and Zan Arbor planned to meet the mysterious Sith Lord. Fearing that Divinian would attempt to blame the Roshan delegation currently in Sath for something, Olin headed to the diplomatic wing of the city Residence Tower, where the Imperial Representative was meeting with the delegates. He was steady and brilliant, a physically gifted athlete, and popular with all the students. The Sith easily evaded Olin's attack and choked him with the Force before ordering stormtroopers to imprison Antin and the Jedi. He often clashed with fellow Padawan learner Anakin Skywalker, who disagreed with his strict adherence to Jedi rules and protocol. "Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Even though this book is written for younger readers it is engaging for adults also. Skywalker, even after discovering that Olin was missing, chose to go with the secret squad instead of searching for him, which left the young Jedi imprisoned until Kenobi and Tachi arrived at the Leadership School to rescue him, under the cover of parents considering enrolling their children in classes there. They, the Erased, and Solace planned to return to the secret base with much needed supplies for Toma, Raina, and Garen. Believing the Inquisitor to be absent from the Temple, Olin saw the unlikely area for an infiltrator to hide as both a safe refuge and a place where he had the opportunity to slice Malorum's files and attempt to aid Obi-Wan Kenobi by informing him Malorum's reasons for investigating the world of Polis Massa. For his heroics in saving the life of the Chancellor, Olin received a special commendation from the Jedi Council. During the fight, Flume was attacked by a duracrete slug emerging from a hole in the duracrete; however, a well-placed vibroshiv from Keets Freely stunned the slug into retreat. One morning, the Jedi was ambushed by "Prisoner 67" and five of his henchmen. [20], Aboard an Imperial starship, Olin managed to discover the existence of a large-scale Imperial operation, codenamed Twilight (operation). During his search for Jedi refugees from the Empire, he was blackmailed into aiding Emperor Palpatine, but would act as a double-agent, seeking information and attempting to undermine the Empire from the inside, eventually confronting Darth Vader himself. jedi, fett, boba. [19], On his way to an Imperial starship, Olin managed to pass on the details of his encounter with the Emperor to the Erased, who utilized disguises to get close to him without attracting the notice of a trailing prowler droid. The Gungans and the Naboo would attack and destroy the Imperial garrison while Olin neutralized Malorum. This greatly limited Olin's options, and he had no choice but to head to the planet Acherin to refuel. He was steady and brilliant, a physically gifted athlete, and popular with all the students. The story also heavily features Bail Organa and his family and inner circle, inclu Despite his anger and bewilderment with Kenobi, Olin agreed to the plan. [17], Olin decided to hear Palpatine out. [17], Olin drove Malorum backwards into the Theed Royal Palace, pressing him into the Theed reactor core,[17] where Qui-Gon Jinn and Kenobi had dueled Darth Maul during the events of the Battle of Naboo. Considered very mature for his age by many Jedi, Olin was well-respected for his dedication to the Jedi Order. From Star Wars Legends... Ferus Olin was the Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. [12], During the flight to the Valley, the Jedi were forced to evade Commerce Guild security craft, but managed to reach the Valley unscathed. Olin's resistance movement was wide-spanned until his secret asteroid base was destroyed by the Empire. A resistance movement on Acherin was engaged in a desperate last stand against an Imperial fleet, and one of its starfighters forced Olin to land. A desert world completely dependent on technology, Samaria was devastated when a bug was introduced into its computer mainframe, causing critical systems everywhere to malfunction. skyguygeneraltano. The Sathan Prime Minister intended the disruption in the systems to give his people the chance to establish a resistance movement, and when the computers came back on-line, records containing information such as who fought for the Republic during the Clone Wars, or who criticized Palpatine when he was the Supreme Chancellor, would be missing; the Empire would have to start from scratch to find out who their enemies were. The pilot, Commander Raina Quill, led the three to the resistance's stronghold, the hidden city of Eluthan, once she discovered that Kenobi was a Jedi. No one would have actually thought in the late 1970s that the first films would bring such a rich, vast and complex universe to life. Then, the Jedi once again continued the search for Omega and Zan Arbor. [8], During the following few months, Kenobi and Skywalker tracked Zan Arbor across the galaxy, while Tachi and Olin only assisted them occasionally. [1], Two years later the two apprentices met again, along with their masters, at the Galactic Games on the planet Euceron. However, Zan Arbor consistently eluded them. Discover more posts about ferus olin. continues the action packed and wonderfully developed story of Ferus Olin … Later discovering that the criminals planned to use the Zone of Self-Containment to allow them to steal the vertex being donated to the All Planets Relief Fund, the Jedi captured the Slams and prevented the theft, only to discover that it was a diversion. Although their mission was successful, Olin was uneasy with the result, believing that the cartel had made too many concessions to the other group. A Jedi Temple show. The speeder was closely trailed by the Roshan droids, however; Divinian had programmed them to fire at his droid with low-power weapons, creating the illusion that the Roshans had attempted to assassinate him. Introduced to the prison routine by his cellmate, Prisoner 934890, Olin immediately began searching for a way to escape. Ferus Olin's Lightsaber (A) is a Equipment card from the The Dark Times (TDT) expansion for Star Wars Trading Card Game (SWTCG) by Independent Development Committee (IDC). The two became fast friends and started their own business, Olin and Lands, on the planet Bellassa. 38 likes. He trained his former master, Obi-wan Kenobi's son, Anakin, after his death. Confused about the situation, the Sith's threat made Olin wonder why the Empire was so concerned with Samaria. Ferus Olin is introduced as the perfect padawan who always follows the Jedi Code and a rival to Anakin. [14], Using the Force to confuse a squad of Imperial guards, Olin and Flume stole an airspeeder and managed to safely escape the Temple. But the presence of the Empire is starting to cast a shadow over their tranquility - as spies and traitors infiltrate the corridors of power. It was during this time of potential death that Tachi and Kenobi truly recognized their feelings, and after finding a way to land the ship safely, they confirmed that they were in love. Olin made it into the Temple building, but a silent alarm was triggered … Obi-Wan Kenobi Yoda Siri Tachi ... Who was Ferus Olin's Padawan? At the end of the mission, Olin, distrusting his new rival due to the desire for control he had shown, warned him that he would watch him, further infuriating Skywalker and aggravating the feelings of dislike between the two apprentices even further than before. His enemy, however, … The two Padawans often clashed despite working together on numerous missions. [14], Awaking in a prison, Malorum entered and interrogated Olin, attempting to learn the identity of the Jedi who infiltrated the Temple with him. [15], During the flight to Ilum, Kenobi told Olin that he would need to rescue Garen on his own. [14], To enter the Temple, Solace devised a plan. Skywalker was considered the most-gifted apprentice with Onlin being the second. Considered very mature for his age by many Jedi, Olin was well-respected for his dedication to the Jedi Order.
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