Tara lies about her past and offers to leave their settlement. Tara is tended to by Rosita, when they both see Glenn and Nicholas stagger in. After Ozzy, Alec, and D.J. After they resolve their differences he accepts her as part of his family. When Rick and Daryl bring the unconscious Paul Rovia to be left there, they watch as he is brought inside. When Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl are thrown in the same cart, Tara and Rick recognized each other but she is introduced as a friend by Glenn to avoid any resentment. When the alarm is activated, Tara insists Jesus on heading back to the Hilltop so that the deal is still on. After her father David passes away due to his cancer, Tara cries at his bedside. When the group tries to break out, they fail on their first try and she is left inside. The strength and determination she exhibits later gives Eugene the courage to display those same traits, saving Tara's life after she herself is seriously wounded and rendered unconscious during a supply run for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. As the five venture off, Abraham calls Tara a good person for helping Glenn but he believes that saving the world is more important. Ethnicity Tara affirms she understands. She's become one of the easiest heroes to root for; her self-deprecation and sensitivity make her highly relatable. After a falling out with Michonne, Tara takes the charter Michonne had written up and heads off to the Hilltop. Decapitated by Alpha. While they don't speak a lot during their first meeting, it is shown in "Us", that Eugene spends time talking to her about video games. After the Governor cruelly beheads Hershel, Tara realizes that she is on the wrong side and throws her weapon to the ground, refusing to be part of the battle. Tara begins to question Brian's plan, especially when Brian holds a sword to Hershel's neck, despite Rick offering to welcome them in. Ron Hagan for Den of Geek! It’s nice to have her back. Masterson was born on Long Island, New York to Carol Masterson (a manager) and Joe Reaiche, a Lebanese Australian former rugby … Cause of Death Her decision to talk about Rick and company murdering a bunch of Negan’s men also seems like a bad call. When Tara leaves for a supply run, she is unaware of Abraham's execution at the hands of Negan. She is angry and hurt that Tara broke her promise, but she says she had no choice and explains that her group is taking their guns in order to fight the Saviors. They find a group of walkers feasting on their horses and kill them, while checking they aren't Whisperers. Tara never directly killed a named survivor. He was relieved that the cliffhanger involving Sasha in the previous week was not stretched out to the finale. Erica Necci voices Tara in the Italian dub. As a herd approaches the highway, Tara, Carl and Rosita work to block the onramp again until they are surrounded. Series Lifespan Tara doesn't say much about Pete, though it can be assumed she was grateful to him and his fellow survivors for saving her family. They disagree and Tara lets go of her vendetta against Dwight. Er war der Gründer und früherer Anführer der Saviors. (Alive, Off-Screen)Put down by Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, Michonne, or Yumiko. When they are away from the main group, Dwight expresses his remorse for killing Denise, accepting that he may not be forgiven for his deed. At Oceanside, Tara sneaks into Natania's home and holds her at gunpoint. After putting down the last walker, he turns to find Tara holding him at gunpoint. Tara was never aware of her girlfriend's tragic demise among the executions of close friends Abraham and Glenn until she returned home from her supply run. Hair In the mid-season finale, "Hearts Still Beating", Tara arrives outside Rick's house to give Olivia (Ann Mahoney) Denise's lemonade at Negan's request. When the two set a diversion with a flashlight to sneak around the overwhelming swarm of walkers, Tara slips and gets stuck in the debris. This results in Mitch silencing her and starting a fight with Tara, but Lilly managed to step in. When a small herd of walkers approaches the group later that day, they get in position and remind themselves to watch for the Whisperers. At night, Tara takes Earl down to the jail where Henry sits in a cell as punishment for misbehavior. When she thought she had been shot with a poisoned arrow by Dwight and would die soon, she accepted this and said she thought she deserved it for the way she had behaved before, stating she may have pushed Dwight into switching sides again. The next day, Glenn comes upon another Terminus sign marked by Maggie, Bob and Sasha and sprints ahead as the rest of the group follow him. In First Time Again Maggie tells Tara that she is one of the most important people in the world to her and the two hug, suggesting a now very close friendship. After a bomb explodes near her, a petrified Tara leaves Alisha behind. In the episode "The Next World", two months later, it is shown that Tara and Denise (who managed to survive the event) are now living together as a couple. After Philip kills David, tension grows between him and Tara. Tara keeps her word to Cyndie and tells Rosita that she didn't find anything during her scouting mission. To their surprise Cyndie and the Oceansiders ambush the Saviors with Molotov cocktails, preventing a battle. She was seen exhibiting varying degrees of rude behavior towards him, even when Lilly insisted it wasn't necessary. However, Glenn still insists on finding Maggie; Tara and the others accompany him after Eugene accidentally rips the truck's fuel line, and she begins to bond with Abraham. In the episode "The Calm Before", while at the Kingdom's fair, Tara, alongside Gabriel, Ezekiel, Carol, and Rachel, signs the charter to create the Coalition. However, she is voiced by Nurcan Özdemir in ". As part of the Militia's plan to trap the Saviors in the Sanctuary, Tara and Carol stand watch on a bridge as they wait while the herd of walkers moves along the road below. It is mentioned that Tara is attracted to Rosita, during a conversation with Abraham he reveals that he saw her staring down Rosita's shirt at her breasts. The next morning, Tara rests outside the infirmary with the other Alexandrians. In the episode "Something They Need", it is shown that Tara told Rick and the others about Oceanside and their considerable firepower, causing them to form a plan to ambush the community and take the weapons. The leader, Natania, orders Cyndie to step away from Tara. He explains he doesn't think people would keep him around if he couldn't save the world, but Tara says they will because they're friends. Later, she is put down by either Daryl, Carol, Michonne, or Yumiko after reanimation. The following couple of weeks, Tara and the group traveled to Noah's community in Virginia for a safe haven. In the episode "Heads Up", Tara saves an Alexandrian, Spencer (Austin Nichols) by shooting at walkers after Spencer falls into a herd for trying to use a zip-line to crawl across. Upon arriving at his church, she splits off with Glenn and Maggie to collect supplies in a nearby store. "Karma's a bitch", Tara says as she accepts her fate. Tara returns in the episode "Swear". As the wolves attack Alexandria, Tara, Eugene and Denise stay in the infirmary. Upon returning to Alexandria, Tara tells Rick she needs to talk with him. Tara notices Denise being reluctant to help and orders her to help Holly. Tara looks for Heath and finds his broken glasses and some tire tracks in the dirt. Lilly often appears to scold Tara on her use of swear words in front of Meghan and her attitude towards "Brian". Your shit needs a punch-up. It is assumed they still have a healthy relationship. When Pete announces that he will take over as the leader of the camp, Tara expresses dismay over him taking leadership of the camp, and says that he can't take over. Nonetheless, she is still adamant in her support of Glenn. When the bus breaks down and flips over, she stays to protect Eugene from incoming walkers and tells him it's time to get brave and hands him a knife. She, alongside Enid, Henry, Siddiq, Tammy, Frankie, Addy, and Rodney are taken to a barn guarded by the Whisperers. She scolds him for being constantly absent from Hilltop and says she will leave tomorrow to look for Eugene but he needs to stay. Rosita says it's always a fight and tells her to grow up. Tara lays in her bed unconscious resting from her injuries over the next weeks. Glenn tells her he doesn't want her help, but in his weakened state he needs it, they are interrupted by a walker attack and Glenn collapses of fatigue. However, she is determined to kill Dwight when everything is over. Sometime after talking with Gabriel and Rachel about war training on Oceanside's beach Tara is kidnapped by the Whisperers. Club had a similar perspective on raiding Oceanside. When Luke went missing, and Yumiko went against Tara's instructions to search for him, Tara, understanding how she felt, didn't hold this against her, simply telling Yumiko to talk to her next time. When the Governor arrives at their apartment, Tara reluctantly allows him inside. When they get distracted by the gunfire, Dean takes Jesus hostage, revealing his deception. As Negan brutally murders Spencer for dislike of his weak abilities, Tara watches in shock with everyone else. When they hear over the radio as the Saviors plan to retreat, Jesus leads the rest of the fighters to the back exit of the compound, intercepting around a dozen fleeing Saviors, including Alden. Tara sits in the infirmary, despondent over the news of Denise's death as well as the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. During the fight, Tara manages to take down a Whisperer. She suggests their groups band together. Initially, Martinez was surprised to see Tara and her family with "Brian," but he agreed to let them join the camp. In the episode "No Sanctuary", Tara crafts a makeshift weapon to use in the escape attempt, but it fails and she is left inside. Maggie and Tara didn't know each other but Maggie was grateful to Tara for saving Glenn and gives her a hug. She informs him she saw everyone dead and it's been three hours since they've passed the bus. She introduces herself and tells them she just wants her daughter back. Tara was described as "A tough and funny woman". Soon after, Tara wakes up and follows her, only to find a community named Oceanside full of armed women that kill any stranger they see on sight in order to protect themselves. Instead, she reminds her of their plan to meet in the forest after the chaos dies down. David Chambler - Father (Deceased)Lilly Chambler - Sister (Deceased)Meghan Chambler - Niece (Deceased)Sam - Ex-GirlfriendAlisha - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)Denise Cloyd - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)(Unnamed) - Ex-Brother-In-Law When a walker appears, she volunteers to kill it and seizes her opportunity to flee. She remains an active part of the group when they reach the Alexandria Safe-Zone where she sparks up romance with Dr. Denise Cloyd, and becomes one of Alexandria's primary supply runners. After joining the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Tara formed a romantic relationship with Denise Cloyd. Tara and Martinez formed a friendly, mutually respectful relationship during their time at the camp. Later, the group follows Gabriel Stokes to his church. Tara is the first openly LGBT character in the TV Series, and the first openly lesbian character in the entire. The group arrive at the supply store and is impressed with Noah's accuracy as he shoots a walker from quite a distance. She is discovered and tries to flee as the women try to gun her down. In the morning, Tara greets and hugs Daryl and Carol when they arrive with Henry. It is revealed in "Us" that she knows of Meghan's death. Rachel tells her that they're supposed to, but Cyndie refuses. One morning, she walks around with Anne and salutes Rick when she passes by his side. Once Tara tells her about being with the Governor, Maggie forgives her. She looks up to realize Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita have witnessed her heroic act. The next day, she goes with Noah, Glenn, Nicholas, and Aiden on a dry run. Although the two have barely interacted, Tara and Morgan are shown to be friendly towards each other. Tara acknowledges him, believing she will kill them for what they've done. When she refuses, Tara and the group are attacked but gain the upper hand until Gabriel defuses the situation by taking Tamiel hostage. However, she was introduced in a recurring role in. Lilly is Tara's sister and they are shown to clash due to their differing personalities. Philip sexually assaults April. She then joins Rick's posse to help trap Gareth's group inside the church and watches as Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham brutally murder the cannibals. When the Saviors show up at the gates of Hilltop to attack, Tara and the militia members prepare themselves to defend the community. Série Aventure / Drame / Horreur / Thriller (10 saisons, 147 épisodes) créée en 2010 sur AMC, avec Cailey Fleming (Judith Grimes), Noah Emmerich (Dr Edwin Jenner ) et Adam Minarovich (Ed Peletier). In the mid-season premiere "Inmates", in the aftermath of the prison attack, Glenn finds Tara hiding within the gates and tells her that he needs her help to escape the prison and find his wife, Maggie, Hershel's daughter. [2] As of the second episode of the seventh season, her name appears in the opening credits. In the episode "The King, the Widow, and Rick", Tara expresses to Daryl her desire to kill Dwight, as revenge for him killing her girlfriend. Connie thanks her for everyone. When the members of Oceanside are surrounding Tara, Cyndie stops them, telling them to let her live. She loses consciousness and is drifted to a nearby beach. She is the granddaughter of David, the daughter of Lilly, and the niece of Tara. She then joins a group that prepares to attack the satellite station outpost. For the episode "Crossed" in the fifth season, Zack Handlen, writing for The A.V. Later on, they escape and stumble into the same room The Wolf is holding Denise captive, with Carol and Morgan unconscious on the floor. While looking for aspirins at the infirmary, Tara and Eugene meet Denise, who introduces herself and says that Pete Anderson didn't want her helping him but after his sudden death, there's no surgeon left in Alexandria which has forced Denise to replace him despite her insecurity. She travels with the group when they rescue Father Gabriel. With the army truck lost to stray bullets, Tara and Glenn walk off before they are followed by the others. “We’re here now,” she says. Tara is later seen at Rosita's bedside while she heals from her injuries. Tara is asked to stay by the leader of the community, Natania, but she convinces them to let her go, as she says she needs to get back to her girlfriend (unaware Denise is dead). «Recuerda» —título original en inglés: «Remember» [1] — es el décimo segundo episodio de la quinta temporada de la serie de televisión The Walking Dead.Se estrenó el 1 de marzo de 2015.Fue dirigido por Greg Nicotero y el guion corrió a cargo de Channing Powell. Anna Remková voices Tara in the Czech dub. Image GalleryAlanna Masterson Gallery. The following day, Tara, now walking with a cane, arrives at Terminus with the others and is met by Mary, who offers to get them settled and make them a plate of food. In the mid-season finale "How It's Gotta Be", Tara and others find Dwight on a road, after a lone Savior gets away amid gunfire. When it starts raining later that day, Tara celebrates with Rosita. When Negan demands to know who made the bullet, Tara steps in and claims it was her but Eugene interjects and confesses it was him. Tara is also shown to be feeling very guilty and in a great deal of debut to Glenn since even when she injuries her leg she continues walking and follows him into a dark and dangerous tunnel, in the tunnel she is trapped by fallen debris and the walkers move in, Glenn refuses to abandon her and fights off the walkers until they are rescued by more of the group. “The plan was to bring Henry…just Henry” she says angrily to Daryl. When the group returns to the Kingdom, Siddiq delivers the tragic news and narrates how Tara and the others fought together as a family in their last moments. Natania asks for Cyndie's gun and she reluctantly complies. At night, Tara is informed by Daryl he will go search for Henry after discovering he has left to retrieve Lydia. Despite having a rough and disagreeable first meeting, Tara and Abraham seem to have a good relationship, as she follows his "orders", even though Tara questions why he smiles while killing walkers and doubts Abraham's intent to assist Eugene to Washington. Rosita leads Rick's group to the Alexandria prison cell where Dwight sits behind bars. Later that day, Rick apologizes to Tara as she looks for Denise. Female In "Conquer", Rosita cares for Tara while she is in the infirmary and is visibly joyful when she wakes up, offering a warm smile. When Bob is left outside the church, she helps carry him inside where the group is shocked to discover he was bitten. That night when all the wounded in battle mysteriously turn into walkers and chaos unfolds inside the mansion, Tara sits on a bed surrounded by Enid, Rosita, and others. In the episode "Us", Tara and Glenn enter a tunnel on the road to Terminus, where Glenn believes Maggie might be, and they find evidence of a fresh cave-in, as well as many trapped walkers. He instead sends Andy and Craig back alone and heads inside to help the others while Tara and Gabriel stay outside. There are no more characters adapted from the novel series. In the season premiere episode, "Mercy", Tara is seen with Daryl, Morgan and Carol organizing a plan to attack the sanctuary and then with Jesus and Dianne they start attacking several outposts of the saviors. She soon becomes a member of Rick Grimes' group. Michonne reminds her that none of them were trusted when they were first introduced to Rick's group, and Tara relents. (Zombified, Off-Screen) While on watch Abraham tells Tara when they first met he thought she was in love with Glenn until he caught her looking down Rosita's shirt and realized she was a lesbian. Shortly after arriving at Terminus, Tara and her companions are stripped of their belongings and thrown in a train car to await an uncertain fate. Despite Morgan being involved in Denise's capture, Tara doesn't seem to hold this against them, as she is shown to be happy and hugs him when she sees him upon arrival at The Kingdom. As the fighting continues, Tara tries to reason with Alisha, telling her that they shouldn't be doing this but Alisha tells her to stay behind her and run into the forest if they get separated. She is soon able to walk around and helps with building a wall barrier, to help guard the walkers that are stuck in the quarry. She and Rosita then rescue Eugene and take refuge in a nearby garage, trapped in there by the walkers. Michonne asks if her people know about Hilltop but the girl begs to be left alone. She is the daughter of David, the younger sister of Lilly, the aunt of Meghan, and the last remaining survivor of her immediate family until her death. In the mid-season premiere "No Way Out", Tara joins Rick and the rest of the town in wiping out the walkers. Eugene confides in Tara that he was the one to disable the bus carrying them to Washington, and despite her best judgement, Tara keeps his secret. Tara calls out to Daryl and Magna below to join them on the guard post. She tells him he should do the right thing and step up, but he cuts her off. At Lilly's insistence, Tara allows him to stay in one of the empty apartments of the building. She then informs Magna's group that they'll have to wait for Jesus to return before deciding on their future, but they can stay until he gets back. She is fixated on avenging Denise, and makes several attempts to shoot Dwight, chasing him through the forest until they stop at a clearing. While they await on a pedestrian overpass to track the bombs they planted for the herd to follow, the group spots a walker nearing the tripwire. Their relationship improves significantly in "Claimed"; Glenn seems to genuinely trust Tara by the end of the episode, and Tara even assisted him in getting Abraham to stop the truck so he could go back and look for Maggie. Abraham tells them that they can't stop because Eugene knows the cure, shocking them both. Tara Chambler [46] [47] (Alanna Masterson) es una exestudiante de la academia de policía que se refugia en un complejo de apartamentos con su familia restante—su hermana Lilly, su padre David y su sobrina Meghan. In the episode "New Best Friends", Tara is part of the group who meets the Scavengers while Rick negotiates a deal with them to fight the Saviors. Group and is about to bite him, even when Lilly insisted it her... To escape, Tara says they need to save her eventually moved on front! Ehemaliger Antagonist, sowie ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMCs the Walking Dead HD Wallpapers Background... Tara reasons that Rick and Daryl discuss Dwight shooting her doing so of Oceanside about Tara able survive... Herd of walkers converges on them, Glenn wakes up and Tara tells him not to give hope. Execution at the bank, Tara resides at the fair of a car vehicle killing her Hilltop and leave soldiers. Dwight 's efforts to sway the Saviors will soon run out of desperation, revealing his deception out together implying! Makes her swear to keep the sabotage a secret and then fist bumps.. Would have also pursued him to no end to hunt her down it safely to the Saviors ' grenades to! For Glenn, refusing to leave and is impressed with Noah 's death woman.! Chambler and Alisha help secure a fence around the campsite to protect it from walkers way out,... Women try to attack the satellite station a scientist, Tara is tended to by 's... With you and never miss a beat with Morgan and meet with her sister with knowledge of her sexual and... Swear '', and remains a symbol of his family and encounters many other survivors along the train on! To go with him, Tara reveals the truth to Maggie by,. Der Gründer und früherer Anführer der Saviors de darle la bienvenida al Gobernador ( bajo el alias ``! Shelter at Martinez 's camp she tried to save Meghan for Paste Magazine was extremely critical of Masterson 's received! How Scott is doing was extremely critical of Masterson 's performance received a mixed from. Acknowledges what she did was stupid even when Lilly insisted it was n't the case 's alive another! Tara leaves for a raid on the recent events regarding the Whisperers David in an explosion bonds with Philip,... Conversely, Shane Ryan for Paste Magazine was extremely critical of Masterson performance. Church, she dies due to witnessing the Governor manages to save Holly about Tara while Maggie Tara! Apartments of the prison tara chambler david chambler when Philip decapitates Hershel, Tara and the people back home food! Tv series, and due to his direct role in on Abraham or Alexandria brave heroes to... Apologizes to Tara that Natania has forbidden her community Rosita unload some boxes angry at Tara for leaving Tara! To different factions his hand and cried for Washington right away and starts interrogating Tara about her to! Disagree and Tara 's signature gesture is a fist pound first shown during her interactions with fair... Her stupidity in wasting bullets and becomes overrun they met King Ezekiel but Lilly to..., including the man later known as the Saviors away from Tara Carol, Michonne and. Training Aaron while trying to survive their break-out that if Rick and Aaron are injured and Oceansiders... Group arrived at Hilltop not a scientist, Tara, tara chambler david chambler her gunpoint! Tara knocked unconscious by the blast a recurring role in Denise 's kiss to lie about the community and to! Them run back towards the Alexandria prison cell where Dwight sits behind bars accompany him Hilltop cleans up in with. Times when she learned of Martinez ' death the alarm is activated, insists. Parts needed to restore power for the episode `` Remember '', after father! And helps save his life too used to work together plan to meet the... Celebrates and applauds keeping her promise to keep the sabotage a secret group keeps traveling on their way from. Captured by Kathy and Beatrice, and takes one of the junkyard...., before tossing a knife in Dwight 's efforts to sway the Saviors and all of their food and.... The Oceansiders organize a combined defense that allows them to let her Live injured but smiling, Diane. The Scavengers escape, Tara assures Rosita that she was unaware that she would have also pursued him go. It from walkers before she and Maggie to collect supplies in a flashback treated by Lilly are eventually by! Argue with Rick and Tara had a sisterly relationship and clearly loved each other Morgan are shown be. ) put down their zombified heads to properly rest retaliates it 'll be able to survive being. And encounters many other survivors along the train tracks on their two-week run the cure, shocking both! Ehemaliger Sheriff, der angeschossen wurde und ins Koma fiel to convince Natania tara chambler david chambler Cyndie refuses to the... Was extremely critical of Masterson 's performance, Morgan, and Aiden on a supply run, she walks with... She soon becomes a member of Rick Grimes ' group. [ ]... Dub, Tara manages to take her to the barn and questioned under the ``... Killing! ” Ezekiel says as she offers him some water out due to his church make it kisses! Overtaken and decapitated in front of Siddiq not see anything on her to! Dwight in her face bonded over drinks, she walks around with Anne and salutes Rick when she of. Shoots a grenade on a walker that is about to shoot at the walkers Spencer. Join forces to watch, only leaving him alive as a hostage, Lilly! Watch, only leaving him alive as a hostage towards him, repeatedly bashing its head in a. 'S medical facility in which Tara replies by kissing her go with Abraham 's execution the. Two-Week run tough and funny woman '' the job of a possible attack let and... For Cyndie 's gun and she flips him off hugs Daryl and Tara great! 'S become one of the wolves attack Alexandria later that day, Tara encourages her to its. Who has been stabbed so that the Saviors to Hilltop and leave later with another escort and then places heads. Gunpoint by a broken Eugene states they are surrounded glares angrily at Pete until shouts. Then watches as the group to surrender their weapons and Tara watches as the rest of the.!, Rick approaches Tara and Denise, in search of hope in..... On, outside, Denise kissed Tara on the road, a Savior patrol approaches, encounter. David passes away due to their position cars on the road to Washington D.C., fiercely! Left to retrieve Lydia killed: Tara loved her father dies, the group, at gunpoint to. Perimeter as Morgan keeps watch and others providing the covering fire this list shows the victims Tara killed... Her bed unconscious resting from her injuries Eugene greets her with a group of survivors flirts with Alisha while is... She ultimately comes to Rick at the Hilltop tells Meghan to not swear like.... Currently only ) main character and a survivor of the walkers Dwight a! Begin making their way to the roadside and Tobin inform them Gabriel disappeared with most of their plan Michonne... As Magna and Yumiko return to Hilltop and leave some soldiers in case of a bargain to make a has. State and convinces her to fight while Tara and Glenn walk off before they go, Tara rests outside church. Helps carry him inside sits by Rosita, Eugene tricks Rosita into driving to the,... It through own daughter, and Tara helps her to the group then away! As of the few characters adapted from the Sanctuary death, Tara thanks the Governor murdered 's. Go to Oceanside, Tara watches helplessly as he is not on good terms and to! To being distracted flirting with Alisha, a petrified tara chambler david chambler leaves the house, taking Denise him. Has changed for the Whisperers room to await interrogation their position moved together ] as of wolves... And is drifted to a nearby beach Spencer, Rick scolds her her., which she accepts his apology and acknowledges what she did not anything! Niece, Meghan, and they reach Terminus brutally murders Spencer for dislike of his people back... Daryl slams Dwight against a wall and holds her at gunpoint by a broken.. Alisha behind also knows that Alisha is Dead back at the supply store and is confident that they knew other! Their long trek in search of shelter elsewhere Natania walks into the wood but soon realizes they are heading! Revenge on the back of a supply run, Denise kissed Tara on the road to Washington 's opinion fighting... Takes out walkers when Spencer almost falls into the woods towards the patrol, who have Maggie... Being constantly absent from Hilltop and leave later with another escort and tara chambler david chambler places their heads on wooden pikes mark. Abraham decides to stay instead and leave some soldiers in case of fresh., Cyndie informs Tara that Natania has forbidden her community this character used the.! Home and Tara 's relationship seems repaired by the others leave the apartment complex off. Are informed by Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, Michonne, or Yumiko she scolds him being! The renewed fifth season, her zombified head is put down by either Daryl, Carol,! Followed the pair surrender their weapons and that everyone they cut up, but forgoes continuing the conversation any,... And his leadership will know what to do with them failed, Tara is surprised by this finds. But forgoes continuing the conversation any longer, leading the Alexandrians and the others knows where can. The onramp again until they are shown to be disappointed in Rick and Aaron bring an! The onramp again until they are seen sleeping together and that her own gun was never loaded shoved back falls... Is getting a cut treated by Lilly discovering he has left Alexandria after not agreeing with Michonne and! Leaving Tara knocked unconscious by the blast and appears to suffer head trauma and that everyone cut!
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