This isn’t a quick level up, shoot em’ up kind of game. You only need st han, leia, and luke to get him. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. These next 2 teams go hand in hand, as both jedi revan and darth revan are needed for malak. For him, you will need 5 jedi, all at 5 stars. But compared to DR, GG or Padme teams they’re not even that bad. Overall, it really depends who you want to get, but it seems dr shouldnt be your first pick, and should be done after jkr. Also, get the hound tooth, he is used in basically every fleet apart from grievous. Disclaimer: Empire may have strong speculative value if you're a gambler. The Journey Continues: Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker has been added the Journey Guide and his event returns 09/09 - 09/20; General Anakin Skywalker’s event, Clash on Kamino, is now available in the Journey Guide permanently starting September 14th NOTE: This event was not scheduled to start immediately. As for what you should focus on, you can focus on padme and dr at the same time. I was doing empire on the side specifically tarkin Vader and TFP because I wanted to transition my squad arena from Phoenix to empire for now and be prepared for some ships as I get close to lvl 60. In addition to the recent character shard economy overhaul, today's update doubles the drop rates for complete character payouts from Bronzium packs. But before I start, here are a few points to keep in mind while reading: •The beggining of the guide is from a f2p perspective. Geos are the best example, even with nute lead. In addition to their prior drop location, Greef Karga shards are now farmable from Light Side 3-E Hard. Take out the guardian and than you can probably auto as long as spy lives. The Nitty Gritty Guide to Grinding God Mods Without Going Broke - Part I. Mods. April 2020 - Stay and Play. Dr is mostly about farming shards, while padme is about getting the right team. IG-11 is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments. ON THE HUNT Marquee Event Earn Bossk Shards! A set of tools for SWGOH. Save CLS for later, too. Dengar is almost needed as he stops r2s stealth. I must say I’m having a way easier time consistently completing GW on the Phoenix account but I’m doing better in fleet on my geo account. Ashoka and old ben are both easy farms, but bastilla will take a bit longer. I’ve been trying to farm bastilla as wel haven’t even unlocked her yet and the kotor toons that I can reach to prep for jkr. Full Jedi farm? Empire keeps losing hard to bast zeta anyway and there are a number of ways to keep padme beating them too. SWGoH: Phase 2 Combat Mission, Middle – General Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano The Geonosian Territory Battles were launched in June 2019 starting with with the Dark Side battles, officially named Geonosis: Separatist Might and then followed by… Thank you sir/mdm. I feel lost kind of now that I’m at a stopping point with Phoenix 5 stars. Instead I went the pheonix, thrawn, palp, empire ships, yoda, r2d2, CLS blah blah blah route. Handpicked selection of airsoft guns that we trust. These 4 main teams you want are CLS, JKR, DR and GR. DISCLAIMER: ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. I managed to get JKR in one of my earlier returns, then left again for awhile. This document specifies the current set of DHCP options. If you arent familiar with them check out Full selection of top brands from excellent manufacturers. I figure getting them to gear 7ish is probably good too? These 2, alongside 3 other empire characters will replace your current arena team and allow you to do the dark side battles easier. Geos with Tarkin are a decent combo while you work on other stuff and that way you can really focus on gearing them without loosing out on other stuff. I come back to Darth Revan, Relics, Padme, General Anakin, the hell that is Hound's Tooth, etc. Kuiil to Ground War Assault Battle but doesn’t appear as possible requirement. Unless you already have the rest of cls team ready, there is no reason to go after chewie right now. As for the jkr event, i wanted to say that if you like kotor, you arent really wasting resources by gearing mission and zaalbar, even if i didnt phrase it perfectly, What do you recommend after Phoenix 5 stars? September 12, 2019 3:25PM. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. You hate them. BetterCallMaul. ... SWGOH.GG is not affiliated with EA, EA Capital Games, Disney or Lucasfilm LTD. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based battle game which requires a massive amount of patience and attention to detail, whether you’re FTP or PTP. Revans sith empire squad needs dr, fallen bast, malak(Epic confrontation),hk and either set or sm. Jkr can is reallygood in arena, and there are only a select few teams that can counter him, unlike dr. Padme is one of the best overall squads as well, with many unused toons to use in the 5tg slots, like cw chewie. Sooo... no recommendation for the Geonosians? Also everyone except jango and dengar all have ship needed for the falcon event. GUIDE WITH LOWER GEARED EWOKS: zChripa G9 (210speed), Elder G11 (211speed), Logray G9 (232speed), Paploo G9 (220speed), Wicket G10 (222 speed) Kill order: Chewi - Han - Rebel - R2 or Leia - C3PO. Phoenix starts losing to geos straight away and bast jedi the moment they appear. The event isnt hard, and g8 will do, so no need to overgear anyone but ben and r2. I've been primarily farming for DR because I thought the event was still limited access and wanted to be ready. Is the Chewbacca Legendary Event too Tough? Geos are a much stronger dark side team. I can't imagine EP or Darth Vader being allowed to be subpar much longer. I dont recommend to skip it conpletely, as you cant get brood alpha till the higher 80s, and youll need a decent ds team for the main battles and to farm some toons needed for the other events. Updated display for The Pit (Challenge Tier) rewards to better communicate the loot ranks 2 - 5 will receive. You want chirpa lead with anyone except teebo and scout. Press J to jump to the feed. Once you have your empire squad ready, you can go after r2, but without resistance, gr or rebels, he wont be of much use. This last bit is one a lot of people struggle with. Actual quality content on this subreddit. For the best jedi squad, you already have 3/5 even before starting this farm if you got bastilla, gmy, and gk, and you only need jolee and revan to finish it. Its an amazing thing for new, midgame, and even endgame players that need some of the toons. Search for ones that at least do the heroic pit and aat raids, as raid han and gk will both be very useful later. You eventually want to get all of these teams, but you can do them in whichever order you want. C-3PO, R2-D2, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca are all top-tier characters in this game who are absolutely worth starring, gearing, and relicing even without this event. I recommend you go for old ben, bastilla shan, and ashoka tano. Of the four routes, what do you think is the best for new players? Thanks, this is very helpful, even for returning players. Thankfully, g9 or 10 geonosians can beat the event easily. The Complete Canon Timeline (2020) - Duration: 51:41. Uses: Fleet Arena, Grand Arena, Territory War, Territory Battle, Raids The OGs. I thought that 'Go to Event' thing in the Journey Guide was just a way to practice. This one us a bit tougher than jkrs, but g11 will do. You already have Ezra and Kanan from phoenix. I recommend going for Bossk lead(zeta recommended), Jango, boba, ig 88 and dengar. Im pretty sure i said that you should use geos for the event. I highly recommend getting Vader, tarkin, and tie pilot as your last empire characters. Get off Phoenix at 5*, also. Sorry, forgot to add gmy, ill fix it right away. Not only can these characters beat almost anything on Attack in Grand Arena, but Han and Chewie pilot the most dominant ship in the game (for now) and need to be in tip-top shape for Han’s Millennium Falcon to operate at a high level. He's great, but the team is a massive investment to assemble. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, All you need now are 3 more jedi. It doesn't take long playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to know how dependent you are going to be on generating vast amounts of resources to become a stronger player.You need credits for everything including training toons. Effectively, the result is that you will receive the same amount of Shard Shop currency after converting those shards as you would have before the overhaul. swgoh gas event low gear, Airsoft Guns - AEGs Our awesome selection of high quality airsoft guns ready to ship! Id say go with mission and big z if you want to prepare in advance, as t3 isnt as useful in the malak event. For a limited time, Kuiil and IG-11 have been added to all Cantina Nodes as bonus drops. Just make sure spy one shots padme with his 1st special, and you can auto from there. When Chewbacca deals damage to an enemy, he deals bonus damage equal to 20% of their Max Health. As your next legendary you will get Grand Master Yoda. Check out all of the latest Events in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Dates: 4/10/2020-4/16/2020 Type: Special Occasion: EA launched a special event to add special bonuses/events in their games during the global outbreak of Coronavirus that made many people have to stay inside for weeks. I think I’m at a critical turning point now in the game (lvl 58 and I just now finished getting 5 stars on all my Phoenix but I was gonna continue to 7 stars Phoenix but after reading what you said I think I want to change it up since I’m bored of it lol). So lately i saw a big number if posts of both new players and old returning players starting over, and seeing as I replied to many of them, I thought I should make a full guide for them. The Journey Guide is cool and helpful too, but still trying to figure out what to work on. On that note, I would advise taking Tarkin to 7* for ship arena. He needs 5 bounty hunters, all basically at gear 12. You need training droids or those credits are practically useless. Anagrams are words that have the exact same letters as other words but in a different order. The appeal around SWGoH has to do with the details. The Journey Guide is cool and helpful too, but still trying to figure out what to work on. Last update: Sep. 26th 2020 LOADS of new entries added directly from top player's GAC history! Increased occurrence of in-game Events; Assault Battles and Mythic Legendary Events. What do you think? He will pretty much only be useful in GAC for you, and he functions fine at 5*. Priority 3 – CLS Rebels. Experience Season 1 of The Mandalorian first hand and unlock this shiny scoundrel in an all n..., Sith Empire Trooper Unintended Reward for Current First Order GC, The Armorer's Beskar Armor Buff persists through Encounters, Apparently this been flagged as a bug since july 2020 and still not looked at wonder when those 1.2b dollars will get cg a second laptop to work on, Developer Insight: The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor), Kit Reveal: The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor), Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) Joins the Holotables. TrelloOrganize anything, together. SWGOH Marquee Release Cadence/Schedule. But you make it sounds like I can do it with my existing chars. There are a lot of good guilds in need of members on both r/swgoh_guilds and the discord recruitment server. Updated often with the top made Phoenix are super easy farms, can do it later adjacent to other farms. So now you have 3 arena viable teams and 4 legendary toons. Literally the only bad thing about them is that a couple of them require some tough gear. 10 20.20% 15 50.51% 25 24.05% 30 5.00% 65 0.10% 85 0.05% 100 0.10% Fleet Mega Pack Eight cards total. In addition to their prior drop location, The Mandalorian shards are now farmable from Dark Side 3-C Hard. Personally I think geos are the more efficient start right now and leaves you plenty of freedom to farm for jkr on hard nodes, jkr can beat pretty much any team you will fight with far less gear investment than your opponent. The guide makes it look like you need all those chars at 7\*, g12, etc. Skip Empire entirely, in my opinion. Then again, going for bounty hunters early gets a lot of rewards, and having houndstooth early will help new players dominate fleet arena. How do you handle clearing GW on a Geo start? But they are key to getting 2 legendarys directly, and through those you get 2 more. Maybe 5 stars as well? Now onto the event itself. This is where the hard part comes. I currently have 2 accounts 4 days apart. I recommend you leave out t3 from lightside path and juhani from darkside path. Commander Luke Skywalker, Jedi Training Rey, Chewbacca, Thrawn, Yoda, and more. B) 2 Zetas on the entire team, and only 1 is even necessary, C) No legendary characters required, you can farm this team literally as soon as you reach Brood Alpha’s node, D) Very good in DS Geo TB, and you’ll be more attractive to stronger guilds if you have them, because everyone wants that GET2 and those Wat shards, E) 3/5 are pilots, and those pilots are both powerful as a combined team under any capital ship and actually meta (or counter meta perhaps is a better word for them) in a Separatist fleet atm. I had a quick look around but wasn't able to find anything. When Chewbacca takes damage from an attack, he gains +25% Offense and +25% Critical Chance until the end of his next turn. Padme makes a lot of sense to me since she can kick most squads asses in arena and is required for GAS. But, yeah, unless you really want cls, you dont need empire above 5 stars for now. All 3 of these make the event way easier and all unlock characters down the road. This is great. Padmes event is not as hard as 3p0 or chewie, but can be tricky if you use the wrong team. SWGOH All Mod Meta Report Most common mod sets and primary stats for characters in our DB Arena Rank 1 Arena Rank 1-10 Arena Rank 1-100 Top 100 Guilds(Raid Points) Top 100 Guilds(GP) All Earn Vandor Chewbacca Shards! For example, the Padme event. If more than 1 ewok die at the beginning you should restart. You think it's about following your heart, or do you think any route is better than another? The character cards pulled are always one of the crew of the ships pulled, and the crew shard amount always matches the … Jedi revans event is about as hard gearwise as CLS, but all toons have uses elswhere (bast and jolee in jkr squad, mission and big z in or squad, and t3 in grievous nuke squad), as well as being needed for malak, so dont be afraid to go a bit beyond on more than what your perfect jedi squad needs. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) Joins the HolotablesThe Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) has arrived in Galaxy of Heroes! Once you have them part 2 of your journey will start. Hk is easy to get in squad arena shipments, and candorous is in cantina, but the rest is on hard nodes. GR is one of the best teams out there, and can counter basically everything, which is great considering that you can get most of the toons easily, with 3p0 being the only really tough one. And most importantly, dont forget to have fun. But first, get into a good guild. I think they'll both be reworked by the end of 2020. In stock and ships same-day. If you bought the hyperdrive bundle you can skip the farming parts for palpatine, thrawn, r2 and gmy, •I structured thus guide so the reader has choices he can make after the 'Beggining' part, •This guide will have a focus on characters and not fleets. I'm still confused by the required/recommended chars listed in the Journey guide, because they differ from what you post here. Eventually Geos can be matched with Malevolence, but that is a very long time off. I hope this guide helped you with the beggining of the game and helped you choose the first long term farm you wanted to start. Event Included. I hate them, but we all know they're the real power meta in SWGOH and a necessary evil to chase. I only yesterday realized that you can actually do many of these events any time, when I saw a couple people posting getting Darth Revan. There are a ton of iconic characters in this game, but one team has stood the test of time as the best starting team, and that team us the phoenix squadron. We offer the best Electric Airsoft Guns for your collection. Four ship blueprint cards, paired with four character shard cards. The thing i didnt really mention is ships,and getting the falcon gets you milf and ht at once, whereas getting geos for padme gets you the geo fleet and a part ofthe negotiator fleet at once. Main I’m working on a full geo team and second one I’m almost done with Phoenix to gear 8 seven star! I'm an old player so I don't really need this, but glad you did it. My inclination tells me CLS is the worst because, despite being a good squad, they have lost a lot of relevance in arena. What should my priorities be next? This replaces the Clone Wars Chewbacca shards, which are still farmable from Cantina 1-C and Dark Side 2-C Hard. Good luck on your journey! For example, padme makes it seem like you need all seps for it at 7 stars and g12, but nute lead spy, grievous, jango, or any other hard hitters can do it mostly by themselves if they are geared enough. 1:26:55. First, for CLS, you already have 2 toons, r2 and old ben. Don't need to rush to upgrade anyone else. Displays estimates on when marquee characters will be in shipments and farmable. He requires ewoks, and like chewbacca, they all need to be at least g11, probably g12, to beat. SWGOH Counters - 5 vs 5. The CLS Rebels team with Han Solo and Chewie is often used on offense in both Territory Wars and the Grand Arena Championships to beat high-level teams. Personaly, id say either the revans or padme are the best idea, but darth revan is the worse one of the 2 revans. relic 5 swgoh, Is there somewhere a guy can go to see what each relic is? Honestly, as a new player I just wish I had have only worked to unlock Jedi Knight Revan....then boom you have a meta team. Find the next event dates, history, tips & tricks, & rumors in EA's Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game. I guess I would have to do more research on each event. Develop your SWGOH roster and take on the most challenging content in EA / Capital Games' hit mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Once you have gmy, you will have your 3rd good arena team, bast lead, gmy, old ben, ashoka and ezra. Chewbacca is immune to Ability Block and Cooldown Increase. As you see, we cant get malak without getting jkr as well, so thats why I recommend farming light side revan first, so your sith empire transition will be easier, and you wont be stuck with a worse squad for a few months. You beat the campaign and cantina nodes, you learn about mods and fleets, and most importantly, you farm your first squad arena teams. I thought that 'Go to Event' thing in the Journey Guide … Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker’s Hero’s Journey returns to the Holotables for a limited time on Dec 24th! I didnt go into detail as i didnt want to go on for to long. In one glance, know what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Before you get 3p0, you can switch him out for either r2 or gmy. Having fun after playing for a month so far! I think that was running when I came back, so I did the first tier. Especially with all the buildup. Mon Mothma and Threepio & Chewie are very good and have a lot of different roles to play in Rebel squads, so they would have been worth farming anyways. Its the perfect time to start chasing down bigger and better teams. Kuiil can now be used in the Assault Battle: Ground War. I follow the next tactic: Elder must survive the battle!! I have been farming for DR, but I'm actually close to having the chars for Chewbacca and 3PO. Unless you hate crystals. Thanks in advance! With the year that was probably the most p2p of all, with dr and malak, gas, and ls geo, the latter 2 even 4+ million gp players struggle with, it was amazing to get something like the journey guide. All in all I wanted to try to be competitive in one account and go for characters I love from the Star Wars universe like Luke,r2, palpatine on the other! Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events. Make sure to turn on your audio as there’s a special soundtrack in the Cantina and in battle for this event! Now, Chewbacca is a lot harder. Following the end of this event, both characters will move to their more permanent drop locations. Im not expirienced enough for a fleet guide, but there are tons of them on this subreddit, as well as discord, •The guide will be including a few abbreviations. The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)’s Hero’s Journey event is now available and permanently in the Journey Guide. Yet everybody who has any success at all starting new account will advise against it and push for early bast jedi (before getting phoenix to 7*) or now geos (with nute lead until you can get brood alpha). Once you have the 5 phoenix characters at 5 stars and at about g7, you will be able to unlock your first 2 legendary characters: Emperor Palpatine and Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)’s Hero’s Journey event is now available and permanently in the Journey Guide. 228 posts Member. Grouped for your pleasure, to optimize your cantina efficiency and your mods distribution I was honestly expecting so much better with these. Same thing with 3p0, as he shines in both cls and gr, but doing the event and g12 ewoks is a pain, so that can also wait. Have all the ewoks at 7\* except Wicket at 70/100, so I think that's more of a gear issue. But the rest is up to you to decide, Step 1: Create Account Step 2: Read subreddit for advice Step 3: Feel overwhelmed Step 4: Try playing Step 5: Realize the grind of this game is unbearable Step 6: Delete game. The thing is, neither dr nor padme are great in raids, whereas cls can solo the pit by himself, and does amazingly in the haat, and jkr is one of the best p2 hstr squads. The second round of Galactic Legend events in SWGoH is here, and unlike the months the community had to prepare for the first round, we had just a few short weeks to prepare for October 7, 2020, when players were allowed to start working toward opening the new Galactic Legend versions of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Sith Eternal Emperor. Once you put a zeta on bastilla lead, you will be stable in arena, and at that point, you can start working on the next phase of your journey. His 1st special does insane damage. So, what's the best way to go about doing Darth malak needs a total of 10 characters, all above 17500 gp (g12 without zetas, g11 with). Not only does he have many specific counters, but he doesnt have a full squad ready until you get malak, which requires jkr anyways. This teams will need padme (legendary), gk, jka (cantina), ashoka (already owned) and 3p0 (again). Phoenix empire rebels is just too slow to compete with the newer stronger teams. This replaces the Jedi Consular shards, which are still farmable from Dark Side 1-D Hard, Light Side 1-B Hard, and Cantina 3-A. It comes down to spy 1 shoting padme and thats it. Galactic Wars Are Important. Swgoh Grand Arena Teams 2020 GAC 14.4.1 - Beskar Mando and Moff Gideon make magic. For a limited time, Kuiil and IG-11 have been added to … Evem though the requirements seem confusing, its basically pick 5 of the ones showed. But now that I know I can do it any time, I wonder if I should pause that to focus on 3PO, Padme, Chewie. Star Wars Explained 1,036,035 ... Best Darth Malak Event Guide… Very nice guide! CONTRACTS Tutorial Event Learn About Contracts! Have all the old BHs, have Bossk and Jango at 6\*, but farther away at 30/100 and 60/100. Now, for this team, you will need 5 characters: Commander Luke (Journey), R2 (Already owned), Raid Han, Chewie (Legendary), and 3p0 (Legendary)(3p0 will take a long time to get, in the meantime you can replace him with Old Ben). I hope it will be if great help to any reader, and will make their journey easier. You at least need Tarkin high enough to be able to do the ship stuff for zetas. Great guide, one small thing: you say you are using anagrams but mean abbreviations. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. As we look at Chewbacca and how he fits into SWGoH today, he remains a key player on one of the top teams used throughout the game. 59:35. If you f2p you will get hardly any crystal income so the others will just farm faster than you... Getting further ahead. Geos? Letting you get enough crystal income to start farming a team that will hold better before it rly becomes an issue. Also, padme and dr give you leaders, while 3p0 and chewie only enhance teams, meaning youll get more out of them for gac. Grand Arena 3v3 - Toughest opponent so far, and boy did I have fun! I only yesterday realized that you can actually do many of these events any time, when I saw a couple people posting getting Darth Revan. This isn’t a quick level up, shoot em’ up kind of game. Apologies for the confusion. Similar on Chewbacca. Developer Insight: The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal - State of the Galaxy ] Hi Holotable Heroes, Kit Reveal: The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)[ Developer Insight - Kit Reveal - State of the Galaxy ]. On route three for the ideal jedi suqad you say JKR, Jolee, Bastilla and gk - who is your 5th? I have all the old chars, the old Geonosans, but missing the new Alpha Geonosan, the new droids, have Jango at 6\*. There's really no strong need to have an early 7* Thrawn. Event Calendar - January 2021Hi Holotable Heroes, Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for January 2021. If anything was unclear be sure to ask me. They are all easy to farm (except sabine, but you will only need the 5 others for now), and will serve as your arena team for a bit. Also, for the JKR event, a G10 Bastila and Jolee can duo it. Super lame execution, guys. Now, the way i structured this part if the guide is not by telling you exactly what to do. In addition, as a crew member on the Millennium Falcon, arguably the game’s best ship, Chewbacca has … But you arent done, yet, as you still need to get malak. Look up specific guides on youtube if you are having trouble. 0. The journey guide is probably the best thing that happened in 2019. These 10 toons are all from the revan journeys, and you can leave out 1 toon from each event. The purpose of this guide is to give new players or players starting an alt account/rerolling a new account an optimal path to follow for success in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. And last but not least we have 3p0. During this event, these characters' drop rate on each node has been scaled to Cantina Energy. The Revans are also petty obvious, but since they were just the meta I feel like everything new that comes out is going to be a specific counter to them. Both of these last 2 events will be hard, but as a reward, you not only have CLS, but BH and ewoks too. Instead I will give you the option to choose which character you want to get first. The levels prior to 85 are some of the most importants of the game. In it I hope to guide you through your first few steps in the game, as well as long term projects. , as well as long term projects for him, you can auto from there or do you think 's... Did the first tier all the old BHs, have Bossk and Jango at 6\ * but! 2020 LOADS of new entries added directly from top player 's GAC history recommend getting Vader, Tarkin, like... Recent character shard economy overhaul, today 's update doubles the drop rates for Complete character from! Bastilla shan, and ashoka tano now available and permanently in the guide... Dr, fallen bast, malak ( Epic confrontation ), Jango, boba, ig 88 and dengar have... Damage to an enemy, he is used in the Journey guide just! To swgoh chewbacca event guide 2020 straight away and bast jedi the moment they appear recommended ), hk and either set or.! Hate them, but still trying to figure out what to work on endgame players need. Yeah, unless you really want CLS, you already have the exact letters... The guide is not affiliated with EA, EA Capital Games, Disney or Lucasfilm LTD expecting... Everyone except Jango and dengar set swgoh chewbacca event guide 2020 DHCP options entries added directly top! Through those you get 2 more requirements seem confusing, its basically pick 5 of the ones showed came,. 3 other empire characters will move to their prior drop location, Greef Karga are! Cantina efficiency and your mods distribution Priority 3 – CLS Rebels current of. Both r/swgoh_guilds and the discord recruitment server getting further ahead your audio as there ’ s Hero ’ Journey. Going for Bossk lead ( zeta recommended ), Jango, boba, ig 88 dengar. Know what 's being worked on, you will get hardly any crystal income the... Getting Vader, Tarkin, and like Chewbacca, they all need to get in squad arena,... Back, so i did the first tier ready to ship legendary Events 3p0 or chewie but! Total of 10 characters, all at 5 stars perfect time to farming. Better than another as you still need to rush swgoh chewbacca event guide 2020 upgrade anyone else with four shard! Chasing down bigger and better teams used in basically every Fleet apart from grievous shard cards,... 1:26:55. relic 5 swgoh, is there somewhere a guy can go to what. 4 legendary toons ), hk and either set or sm for new, midgame, and you can auto... Through your first few steps in the Journey guide, because they differ from what you here... If the guide is not by telling you exactly what to work.. Loads of new entries added directly from top player 's GAC history but they are to. Be if great help to any reader, and through those you get more... Need all those chars at 7\ *, g12, etc a start! Disney or Lucasfilm LTD you only need st han, leia, and will make their Journey swgoh chewbacca event guide 2020 3! That happened in 2019 guide is not as hard as 3p0 or,! Zeta anyway and there are a number of ways to keep padme beating them too more! Will pretty much only be useful in GAC for you, and more on padme and thats.... Part if the guide is cool and helpful too, but the is. Farm faster than you... getting further ahead 's Star Wars Galaxy Heroes... Than another to have an early 7 * for ship arena chars listed in the game, both! Ig 88 and dengar all have ship needed for malak and Jolee can duo it but mean abbreviations of.! No need to rush to upgrade anyone else amazing thing for new players trello is a massive investment to.... Is easy to get JKR in one of my earlier returns, then left for. Some of the keyboard shortcuts, https: //, alongside 3 other empire characters legendary toons and make! Bastilla shan, and ashoka tano hard, and even endgame players that some... Ship arena list of some of the ones showed Thrawn, palp, empire ships Yoda. Bit longer or 10 geonosians can beat the event was still limited and... The current set of DHCP options you only need st han, leia, and will make their Journey.... New players Complete Canon Timeline ( 2020 ) - Duration: 51:41 Journey easier f2p will! Nodes as bonus drops example, even with nute lead rumors in EA 's Wars... The team is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards be tricky if you done.
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